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Why lockdown is so hard … and how to survive

August 13, 2021

There’s no getting around it … for most people, a change in routine is hard!

Not being sure about when this will end, where you’ll be working/schooling next month, and a million other things you can’t control can cause anxiety – for both kids and adults.

Lockdown survival for kids

  • Has a favourite activity been cancelled? Think about how you can replicate that at home. Love little athletics but it’s currently on pause? How about creating an athletics circuit at home?
  • If you’re allowed to go outdoors, make sure you do it! Exercise is really important for brain health.
  • Create a separate learning space and set times for doing schoolwork, if this works for your child (they’re all different!)
  • Is your child’s learning sliding backwards? You might want to consider an online program – it’s good for routine and done at home so you don’t need to travel or worry about cancelled appointments. Check out our 6 week programs here.

Lockdown survival for adults

  • Feeling exhausted working from home? Make sure you keep your routine up by taking breaks when you usually would.
  • Struggling to focus on a task? Use a pomodoro timer to focus for 20 minutes, then take a short brain break.
  • Separate work from play – if you don’t have a separate room for work, create separation by keeping a large box handy and popping your laptop and to-do lists in there when you’re done for the day.
  • Want to use this time to improve your cognitive skills to help you perform better at study or work? You can do that from your computer, and in your lunch break if you want to. Check out our 6 week programs here.

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