Improve spelling and writing by training foundational skills

Cognitive skills such as working memory, attention, sequencing and processing speed underlie spelling and writing skills.

To spell, students need to be able to hear the sounds within words and match these sounds to the correct letters. To write organised, understandable text, students must not only have good oral language, but must also hold the concepts, vocabulary, and grammatical form of sentences and paragraphs in working memory. Research shows that students who struggle with spelling and writing lack these cognitive skills.

Fast ForWord improves writingDoes it work?

In two scientific studies1,2 a significant improvement in students’ writing skills occurred after Fast ForWord computer-based cognitive and literacy skills training.

His writing skills have improved dramatically too, including essay writing. My expectations as a parent were met and exceeded. Josh went from a kid who couldn’t read fluently or use punctuation and grammar correctly, to a different reader entirely.Barb, Josh’s mother (Josh is a teenager who used Fast ForWord)

Program progression

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Fast ForWord exercise examples

Fast ForWord Language Elebot following instructions

Ele-bot (from Fast ForWord Language for primary school)

Students build grammar, sentence structure and language comprehension skills as they determine which illustrations correctly match the spoken sentence.

Fast ForWord online reading program grammar writing spelling

Leaping Lizards (from Fast ForWord Reading 2)

Students improve punctuation, grammar and comprehension by selecting which word or symbol belongs in the blank space.

Fast ForWord Reading 3 online reading programs spelling

Chicken Dog (from Fast ForWord Reading 3)

After hearing a word, students must complete the written word by choosing the missing letters or letter combinations, building phonics and spelling skills.

Watch Fast ForWord demonstration video


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