About Sonic Learning

At Sonic Learning, our team of health and education professionals is passionate about helping people to achieve their optimum learning potential and feel a sense of success in themselves as a learner.

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It is this drive to help people that has led us to become accredited as a provider of the Fast ForWord program, and Reading Assistant program and Cogmed program in Australia.

Our charter is to offer our clients the very best learning acceleration tools available in the health and education industry today. That is why we feel so fortunate to be providers of CogmedReading Assistant and the proven and award-winning neuroscience-based learning program, Fast ForWord.

Sonic Learning has been a leading provider of Fast ForWord for over 16 years and during that time we have witnessed thousands of individuals benefit from this unique learning program. We offer Fast ForWord with remote professional oversight provided by our team of dedicated educators, speech pathologists and occupational therapists.

Our team is focused on teaching students how to learn and building the underlying processes that support learning including auditory processing skills, memoryattention, sequencing and the foundations for reading.

Our professional and experienced delivery, combined with the proven processes of the Fast ForWord program, Cogmed program and Reading Assistant program, can help you or your child achieve significant, fast and lasting learning gains.

Sonic Learning provides Cogmed Australia-wide and Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant to individuals across Australia.

Free phone consultation with a professional
This free telephone consultation can help to answer any questions you have about our services. At Sonic Learning we are all experienced teachers and health professionals so parents tend to find it very beneficial to be able to discuss their concerns and receive guidance from our team.

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