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Claire Corbitt, Managing Director, Sonic Learning

Me in 2020

Hi, I’m Claire

I struggled at school. I worked hard but still fell behind so I just assumed I wasn’t very clever. It didn’t help that my eldest brother was always top of his class and seemed to breeze through school.

Back then, we didn’t know about learning difficulties like we do today and there weren’t the same supports in place and options for kids like me who were falling behind for unexplained reasons. In fact, our futures were decided by well-meaning teachers with flippant comments like ‘She’ll never go to uni’.

Despite what those well-meaning teachers said, I graduated with an Occupational Therapy degree in 2002 and now I’m a mum and small business owner.

In my early 20’s, my brother (who is an Audiologist) tested me for Auditory Processing Disorder (APD/CAPD). The outcome was that I was in the bottom 0.02 percentile for the ability to process auditory information. Given than most classroom instruction involves listening and taking notes, it’s no wonder I struggled.

It was at that point I used the Fast ForWord program and it changed my life. I’ve heard some describe it as “glasses for the ears” and that’s a pretty apt description if you ask me. I noticed a significant improvement in my ability to process verbal information more clearly and quickly which meant I could listen better, learn more easily and remember more.

Pretending to type

Before using the program, I found it difficult to communicate because I would constantly lose my train of thought. But after, my confidence in communicating grew because I could keep up with the pace of conversation and without forgetting what I was saying.

Sonic Learning

Life became easier and more enjoyable and it made me realise two important things:

  1. Skills (or lack thereof) that had held me back for so many years were in fact trainable.
  2. How much easier school would have been if only I’d had the opportunity to use this program when I was younger.

That was 18 years ago, and I’ve been working with Fast ForWord and now a number of other programs ever since. I’m motivated every day to help others feel a sense of success in themselves as learners and to prevent them from disengaging with school and feeling the sense of failure that I experienced as a child.

As a mother of three girls, I know that your two biggest limitations are time and money and so I am committed to helping you invest both wisely.

I believe we offer the best learning interventions available in the health and education industry today and I work with the best team to make sure you and your family feel supported through our courses.

So without further delay, let me introduce you to my colleagues and friends who share my passion for helping you to achieve the best outcomes possible.

Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020


Hi, I’m Tina
Tina Pickford, Speech Pathologist (BSc. Hons, CPSP)

I have been with Sonic Learning since 2007 (!) when I was hired to work on a research project implementing Fast ForWord in Australian schools.

I can’t get enough of the way neuroscience programs help improve learning skills and now I’m part of the furniture. You’ll see me in lots of the videos on our site because I film most of those.

I love all things neuroscience, could easily live off only coffee and pasta, and am most happy when I’m rollerblading.


Hi, I’m Shahin
Shahin Seker, Senior Education Consultant (BEd., Dip Tchg., Grad Dip Ed Tech., Post Grad Cert SpEd.)

If you’ve called or emailed Sonic Learning, you’ve probably spoken with me! My background is in special education in Queensland schools.

I began working with the Fast ForWord program as a school coach, and decided I absolutely had to make neuroscience programs part of my life.

I love running, and have my very own tweenage son to keep me busy!


Hi, I’m Simone
Simone Robinson, Speech Pathologist (BSc. Speech Pathology)

I am all about supporting you when you enrol in one of our programs. I am here to help you get the best results.

(Editor’s note: she’s responsive, caring, professional, a hard worker and our clients love her)

I enjoy reading, hiking and studying French.


Hi, I’m Zoe
Zoë Nanos, Support Consultant & Accounts

I am Sonic Learning’s Jack of all trades. Have a question about one of our programs? Need help with a tricky exercise? How about a change to your receipt? I can help you and I’ll be smiling while I do it!

I really enjoying working with families and helping kids and I’ve spent time overseas teaching English.

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This free telephone consultation can help to answer any questions you have about our services. At Sonic Learning we are all experienced teachers and health professionals so parents tend to find it very beneficial to be able to discuss their concerns and receive guidance from our team.

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