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Take learning seriously. Enjoy school again with help from neuroscience designed, researched backed learning programs.

Sonic Learning’s team of health and education professionals is committed to providing only the highest quality learning programs to Australian families.

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Learning difficulties

Some bright students are labelled as ‘lazy’ or a ‘selective listener’. Sonic Learning helps students improve at school so they can show what they really know.

Listening and auditory processing

Children with auditory processing disorder (APD or CAPD) may have trouble following instructions, remembering information and with English, maths and science. Take listening seriously! Our programs get to the source of the problem so students stop missing out on information at school.
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Improve short term auditory memory, visual working memory and auditory working memory for better school performance. If a student can’t remember, they can’t learn. Our programs improve memory so students don’t have to repeat the same work over and over again.
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AttentionADD and ADHD

Improve attention and concentration without medication with attention training programs. Our programs train the brain to release the right chemicals so the information sticks.
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Average, advanced and gifted and talented students

Students who are above average or gifted and talented are not reaching their full potential. Our programs extend their brain skills beyond their age so they can excel at school.
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Reading and comprehension

Ditch the boring, mass-produced readers. Get to the core of the problem by strengthening the foundations of reading, then improve reading accuracy (decoding), reading fluency (speed and expression) and reading comprehension with fun, engaging learning programs.
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Spelling and writing

Good spellers and writers have good brain skills. Improve the foundational skills that drive good spelling and writing with fun online learning programs.
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No more band-aiding! Get to the source of the problem. Neuroscientists have now pinpointed the areas of the brain that work inefficiently for those with Dyslexia, and have developed dyslexia programs to train the areas of the brain responsible for reading.
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Language skills

Children who can’t express themselves well are often ignored in the classroom. All children should have a voice! Through exercises carefully designed by learning experts, the Fast ForWord programs improve expressive and receptive language skills, including grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, oral expression and the ability to follow instructions.
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Autism and Aspergers

Sonic Learning has helped hundreds of children and teenagers with autism and aspergers to improve the auditory processingauditory memory and other cognitive skills that have been holding them back in the classroom and the workplace.
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Frustration, self-esteem and behaviour problems

Wouldn’t it be great if your child looked forward to school each day? Watch your child learn to love learning again. Learning frustration can present in a number of ways, including resistance to classwork and homework, taking a long time to complete homework, drifting off in class or distractibility, and poor self-confidence.
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English language learners

Build your English brain! The Fast ForWord programs train the brain to be good at hearing English sounds, making learning and listening to English much easier. The Reading Assistant programs help with English comprehension and English pronunciation.
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It’s never too late to train your brain. Learn about reading programs for adults, auditory processing programs for adults and memory programs for adults.
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