Fast ForWord writing research

In two separate studies conducted by Beth Rogowsky, a significant improvement in students’ writing skills occurred after their participation in Fast ForWord computer-based cognitive and literacy skills training.

Study on year 6 students' writing skills

A pretest-posttest randomized field trial was conducted in a public school. The study compared the writing skills of year six students who either did or did not receive individually adaptive, computer-based cognitive skills instruction ( Fast ForWord) in conjunction with their regular literacy curriculum for one school marking period (45 days). The writing skills of students who received the cognitive training, in addition to the literacy curriculum, improved significantly more than those who received the literacy curriculum alone, with a large between-group difference.

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Study on university students' writing skills

College students with poor writing skills participated in 11 weeks of Fast ForWord computer-based cognitive and literacy skills training, and were compared to a group of college students from the general population of the same university. Results from this study showed the group who received training began with statistically lower writing skills before training, but exceeded the writing skills of the comparison group after training. Although writing was not explicitly trained, the individually adaptive, computer-based training designed to improve foundational cognitive and linguistic skills generalized to improve writing skills in both middle school and college students.

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