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Improve attention with an online training program

Medications are often prescribed to improve attention – but this can cause the brain to become dependent on medications in order to be able to pay attention.

That’s how Sonic Learning’s approach differs. Our team of health professionals are experts in improving attention naturally. We use a systematic approach and proven programs – Fast ForWord and Cogmed – to develop attention by training the brain to be better at paying attention.

Does it work?

Improve attention ADHD ADD Fast ForWord Cogmed

A random control study by Courtney Stevens at the University of Oregon found that children who used Fast ForWord showed improvements in the neural mechanisms of selective auditory attention.  Research abstract  Research video

Cogmed improve attention ADHD ADD concentration focus

A study by Steven Beck at Ohio University found that children who used Cogmed showed improvements in ADHD symptoms, inattention and organisation. Research abstract 

Which program?

Contact Sonic Learning’s health professionals for advice on which program is right for you.

Fast ForWord Language/Literacy

Builds auditory memory and attention
Most suitable for students who struggle to focus particularly in a noisy classroom or when being given verbal instructions. Very suitable for students with auditory processing, language or reading weaknesses.


Builds visual memory and attention
Most suitable for students who do not have language or reading difficulties and whose main difficulties are visual memory, organisational skills and mathematics.

Speak with a professional
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