Reduce frustration, enhance self-esteem and improve behaviour

When a student is falling behind in the classroom, they feel overwhelmed. Learning frustration can have a big impact on their behaviour and their long term perception of themselves.

Learning frustration can present in a number of ways, including behaviour problems, low self-esteem, resistance to home work, distractibility and difficulty following directions. Cognitive training programs make learning easier and can improve behaviour and self-esteem.

Through fun, engaging and motivating exercises carefully designed by learning experts, the Fast ForWord, Cogmed and Reading Assistant programs improve learning skills: auditory processing, memory, attention, comprehension, reading, spelling and writing and the ability to follow instructions.

Which program?

Contact Sonic Learning’s health professionals for advice on which program is right for you.

Fast ForWord

Builds the foundations of learning – memory, attention, processing and sequencing

Most suitable for students who would benefit from an all-over brain workout targeting all the skills needed for quick, efficient listening and learning. The follow-on Fast ForWord Reading programs also strengthen reading comprehension, spelling and punctuation.


Builds visual working memory, attention and organisation

Most suitable for students who have strong language skills and would benefit from better memory, attention, organisation and thinking skills.

Reading Assistant

Builds reading automaticity, reading comprehension and thinking skills

Most suitable for students who would benefit from reading practice to increase reading speed and comprehension. Students work at their own pace through a large selection of fiction and nonfiction books, poems and jokes.

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