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Online learning programs for learning difficulties

When a student appears to be bright yet struggles at school for unexplained reasons, they are often labelled as ‘lazy’ or a ‘selective listener’ who remembers things when he or she wants to.

For these students, a cognitive boost can help build stronger and more efficient neural networks in the brain – improving memory, attention and processing, making classroom learning easier.

I couldn’t have imagined how much it would help him. His teacher has noticed a huge improvement in his behaviour, his ability to follow instructions, his capacity to keep up in class and his grades are a lot better. He’s a different boy altogether in that he’s happy to go to school and we’ve noticed a big improvement in his self-esteem.Max's mother (Max used Fast ForWord)
From doing Cogmed and feeling like I was on top of things, I found that the questions became easier and my memorisation skills went way up.Michaela, 16 (used Cogmed)

Which program?

Contact Sonic Learning’s health professionals for advice on which program is right for you.

Fast ForWord

Builds memory, attention, processing and sequencing
Most suitable for students who would benefit from an all-over brain workout targeting all the skills needed for quick, efficient listening and learning.


Builds visual working memory and attention
Most suitable for students who have strong language skills and would benefit from better memory, attention, organisation and thinking skills.

Reading Assistant

Builds reading automaticity and thinking skills
Most suitable for students who would benefit from reading practice to increase reading speed and comprehension. Students work at their own pace through a large selection of fiction and nonfiction books, poems and jokes.

Fast ForWord, Cogmed and Reading Assistant exercise examples

Fast ForWord Literacy following instructions working memory

Stellar Stories (from Fast ForWord)

Students answer questions about a story that has been read to them, then follow multiple step instructions.

Watch Fast ForWord video
Cogmed space cube working memory attention program

Space Cube (from Cogmed)

Students remember which discs lit up on a rotating cube, challenging working memory, concentration and visuo-spatial skills.

Watch Cogmed video
Reading Assistant online reading program comprehension fluency repeated reading

Reading Assistant

Builds reading fluency and comprehension. Students preview and read the text silently, then listen to a model reading. After answering guided reading comprehension questions, students read the text aloud.

Watch Reading Assistant video


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