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What did home learning teach you about the way your child learns?

June 12, 2020

Geez, wasn’t it a juggle to have to play teacher to our children while the schools were shut!

Even though my background is in teaching, having my son learning at home and keeping him focused on tasks was one of the biggest challenges ever. Talking to many of you during that time made me realise I wasn’t the only one!

For many of us it was a real eye-opener. Did having your child at home provide you with some surprising insights into how they learn? Or rather their struggles and crafty avoidance strategies?

Did you notice how difficult it was for them to have to sit down and apply themselves? Were you surprised by how challenged they were by the assigned school work? Did you notice some clearly well-practised strategies to do anything but the work in front of them!

For some families, forced home learning produced an interesting mix of feelings of frustration and clarity. Frustration at how hard it was to get their child to do the assigned work but also an insight into how difficult it must be for their child to learn in the classroom.

If your child struggles with paying attention, listening, following instructions, remembering information and with reading fluently and comprehending its meaning, they are very likely to struggle in a noisy, fast-paced classroom where they are just one of many students.

Sonic Learning’s programs are designed for both primary and high school students with these challenges.

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