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Understanding your child’s NAPLAN report (video)

September 11, 2017

Watch this video for 3 simple steps to understanding your child’s NAPLAN report. 

Step 1: stay calm!

The NAPLAN test is just a small snapshot of your child’s work under pressure and the NAPLAN results are just that – your child’s snapshot compared with similar snapshots from children across Australia. You can’t rely on NAPLAN to measure all of your child’s strengths and weaknesses or to predict their success in life. You can however use this information to gain an idea of areas that you could consider working on in the future.

Remember, your child will mirror your reaction to the NAPLAN report. If you are stressed and worked up about this one snapshot test, those feelings will rub off onto your child. Many children are very anxious about NAPLAN testing.  Tell your child you are proud of them no matter what their NAPLAN score is, and be sure to remind them of all the other things they are good at.

Step 2: know how to read your child’s NAPLAN report

Understanding the report will help you learn from it.

NAPLAN tests 4 major learning areas: reading, persuasive writing, language conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and numeracy. Did you notice something interesting? Three of the four areas measured are related to literacy skills. So the NAPLAN test can tell you a fair bit about how your child is doing with literacy, that is their ability to read and write.

The video above shows a sample NAPLAN report and how to read your child’s individual result.

Step 3: know when to be concerned

If your child has scored below the light blue area, this is a cause for concern and indication that they need more assistance to build their skills. But what about a score that is inside the light blue area, but below the national or school average? This student definitely didn’t find the test easy and probably doesn’t find school easy either.

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