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Three steps for preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

October 30, 2014

Last night, Channel 10’s The Project featured a segment on Alzheimer’s Disease.

Part of the story highlighted a three pronged approach for preventing Alzheimer’s:

  • Walking for 25 minutes every day
  • Maintaining a healthy diet, and
  • Brain exercises including Online Brain Training

We thought we’d take this opportunity to explain how the online Cogmed Working Memory Program can improve brain performance by training both working memory and attention.

More than 80% of Cogmed users experience significant improvements in working memory capacity. Imagine how you or your child could benefit from being better at staying focused, ignoring distractions, remembering instructions, in complex reasoning and problem solving, as well as academic achievement. Click to find out more about Cogmed …

With Cogmed intensive courses as short as 5 weeks, now is the time to invest in your day to day brain performance and the long term health of your brain. 

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