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The latest NAPLAN results have arrived!

September 27, 2012

Around 92% of Australian students are performing at or above the national minimum standards. If your child is performing below expectations for their year level in reading, or even below the national minimum standard, it can be difficult to know how to help them improve.

Is more and more phonics instruction enough?

Some students will just require additional phonics instruction to learn how to associate letters with their corresponding sounds. However, researchers have found that some students experience difficulty developing phonics skills because their brain cannot perceive sounds clearly – this represents a weakness in auditory processing.

For these students, more and more phonics instruction in isolation will act somewhat as a band-aid for their reading, spelling and/or writing problems because they need to develop strong auditory processing skills before building phonics and phonemic awareness skills.

How we can help

The Fast ForWord program is designed to systematically build auditory processing skills while simultaneously developing phonics, phonological awareness, reading fluency, comprehension and vocabulary. We have proudly helped to improve the reading and general learning skills of thousands of Australian students.

“Before we couldn’t get Harris to read anything and now he takes a book with him when he goes out. It’s nothing for him to be reading 3 novels at a time,” says Sean. Click to read Harris’ story.

How Fast ForWord works


Interested in learning more about the Fast ForWord program? Contact our team of health and education professionals to discuss your child’s learning.

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