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Reading improvement doubles in just one month

Reading improvement doubles in just one month

October 25, 2011

Fast ForWord reading programs are specifically designed to improve memory, attention, processing speed and reading efficiency at the same time, thereby enabling students to get the most out of what they read.

This study comprised 208 year 1 and 2 students from three primary schools. Half the students participated in Fast ForWord Reading 1, while the other half (the control group) remained in the standard curriculum. Both groups were evaluated using the Test of Phonological Awareness (TOPA).

The students using Fast ForWord trained on the Fast ForWord Reading 1 program for 48 minutes/day, for 24 days. The Fast ForWord participants showed greater gains than the control group on both subtests (Phonological Awareness and Letter Sounds). These differences were both statistically significant.

In both cases, the magnitude of the gains was about double for Fast ForWord participants: 12.8 points versus 6.9 for Phonological Awareness, and 5.5 versus 1.9 points for Letter Sounds.

Source Scientific Learning Corporation. (2005). Improved Early Reading Skills by Students in Three Districts who used Fast ForWord® to Reading 1, MAPS for Learning: Product Reports, 9(1)1-5.

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