Prevent learning regression these school holidays

School holiday programsThe summer holidays are nearly here! After a long school year, kids need a break. But it’s also important that they stay healthy – physically and mentally.

Regression during the school holidays

During the holidays, many children rarely read a book, write a story or practice their times tables. Unfortunately, on returning to school, it’s often found that children’s learning levels have taken a step backward; leaving them at a disadvantage for the next year.

Finding the right balance

Follow these five steps to keep a healthy school holiday routine that allows your child time to relax while keeping their brain active and preventing regression.

  1. Eat well – enjoy summer fruits, they improve brain health.
  2. Exercise and play – give your child lots of opportunities to play outside. Exercise is important for physical health and it promotes the formation of new brain cells.
  3. Keep a good sleep routine – children need more sleep than adults, and it’s vital to their cognitive skills.
  4. Limit TV time – watching TV doesn’t require much thinking and a lot of TV time will likely cause regression.
  5. Enrol in a learning acceleration program – rather than pulling out the school books, combine learning with something that kids enjoy: computer games.

Sonic Learning’s school holiday programs

Sonic Learning offers three evidence-based online school holiday programs that present the perfect compromise between play and work. Enrol now to train during the school holidays:

Balance relaxation and learning with these 6 week programs

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