TALi attention training

Does your 3 –  7 year old child

  • Daydream?
  • Fidget?
  • Struggle to follow instructions?

Attention is one of the most valuable skills. Just like reading and writing, it’s essential for building strong relationships, engaging in the classroom and getting the most out of life.

Thanks to Australian researchers, we now have a fun and clinically proven way to measure and train attention.

Step 1: Free attention assessment for ages 3 – 7

Now available: do TALi DETECT free with Sonic Learning!
(only available within Australia)

This groundbreaking assessment, created in Australia, takes 30 minutes and is presented as games your child will play on a tablet. We’ll guide you through completing this assessment in the comfort of your own home.

TALi DETECT free attention assessment

Step 2: Receive your detailed assessment report

Once you’ve completed the assessment, you’ll receive a detailed Attention Profile, outlining attentional strengths and weaknesses. Each child’s TALi Attention Profile maps their attention abilities against what is considered to be the average result.

Step 3: Game-based attention training

If your child shows below average attention skills, you can enrol in a clinically proven 5 week intensive training program designed to strengthen attention in children aged 3 – 7.

We’ll be here to coach you through the program. With 17+ years’ experience helping thousands of families with online learning programs, you’re in the right place!

What’s included in TALi TRAIN?

  • TALi TRAIN – Access to a 5 week intensive attention training program, via the TALi TRAIN app (20 mins/day, 5 days/week)
  • Professional support – you won’t be doing this alone. TALi is a professionally supported program, and you’ll have your own designated health or education professional to guide you through the program with 5 weekly support calls
  • TALi Portal – Access the TALi Portal, where you can view your child’s progress.
  • Post-training assessment – After completing the 5-week course, your child will have access to post-training attention assessments, so you can see their gains.
  • Post-training assessment report – pre and post-training results report to track your child’s progress

Program fees & enrolment
(or 2 monthly payments of $249.50 + $20 debit setup fee)


Are you an NDIS participant? You can use your funding to do this program! Call us on 1300 135 334 to arrange.