Build reading fluency, comprehension and vocabulary with Reading Assistant online reading tutor

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Every student benefits from reading practice, especially when it’s combined with immediate support and feedback from a tutor.

Reading Assistant is an online personal, interactive reading tutor. Using cutting-edge voice recognition technology, Reading Assistant actually “listens” to you read.

If you get stuck, Reading Assistant intervenes by saying the word correctly, providing help at the very moment when it’s most effective.

Reading Assistant builds fluency, comprehension and vocabulary by providing the following:

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  • Audio model – a fluent audio model to imitate
  • Pronunciation support – the program intervenes with pronunciation if required
  • Oral reading practice
  • Review – the program highlights words the student mispronounces during each oral reading
  • Feedback – the program reports words correct per minute (WCPM), the standard measure of reading fluency
  • ‘Think About It’ – prompts and questions support students’ larger understanding and appreciation of what they have read
  • Quizzes – assess mastery of comprehension skills and assess four levels of knowledge: literal, inferential, evaluative, and analytical
  • Audible syllabification
  • Glossary – a feature enabling readers to click on underlined words to hear the pronunciation and dictionary at the moment the word is encountered in a passage.
  • ‘Did You Know?’  – includes word background, Latin and Greek roots, other meanings or uses of words
Does Reading Assistant work?

Research shows that Reading Assistant improves fluency and reading proficiency. Students using the Reading Assistant program can improve their reading level up to 50% more than students receiving classroom instruction alone, in the same time period.

My husband and I are finally seeing Beau reading for pleasure.Julieann, WA
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How much does Reading Assistant cost?

Reading Assistant is a personalised and cost-effective way to address your child’s reading needs in the comfort of your home or at school.

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