Reading Assistant research

The Reading Assistant research shows that it can improve a student’s reading grade level up to 50% more than students receiving classroom instruction alone, in the same time period.

See below for a summary of some of the Reading Assistant research. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us.

Six-month reading comprehension improvement after one-month of Reading Assistant
reading assistant research lexile reading comprehension test score

After one month of Reading Assistant use, these year 5 students improved their Lexile scores by an average of 68 points (equivalent to approximately a six month gain). In this one month summer program, participants gained more than half a year in reading comprehension, on average.

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Students improve reading level 50% more than expected
Reading assistant research online reading tutor program improve reading fluency reading comprehension

This Reading Assistant research study followed 2,148 students over 136 schools in years 1 – 12. The students began the school year with an average reading year level of 4.5. After using the Reading Assistant program, they made statistically significant gains in their reading skills, with the group average improving from the 22nd percentile to the 37th percentile, and from a reading level of year 3.4 to year 4.3.

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State test reading improvement in high school students
reading assistant research online reading tutor reading fluency comprehension

This research study involved 61 students in years 9 – 12 who used Reading Assistant 3 times per week at school. At the beginning of the study, the students’ average reading score was 12.3. After Reading Assistant use, the group average increased to 18.3.

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A full list of research papers is available on the Scientific Learning website.

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