Reading Assistant case studies and program reviews

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Beau, 9, Western Australia

Beau’s interaction with this computer based reading program has been far more superior to the other reading programs we have tried.

My husband and I are finally seeing Beau reading for pleasure and often find him up past his bed time begging to read just a couple more pages. Beau enjoys the reading selections, especially the historical texts, and often tells us all about what he has been reading. His new enthusiasm and confidence for reading has seen him return to (Kumon) tutoring so that he can “feel smart again”. Reading Assistant is a wonderful program.

Julieann, WA

Beau reading a passage during his first session:

After Reading Assistant – increased fluency, expressiveness and confidence:

Primary school teacher, Australia

Reading Assistant reviews online reading program comprehension fluencyIt’s wonderful, it’s absolutely wonderful … just last week I was listening to a little boy who has just joined the program and it just blew me out of the water. I had to at one stage run down and get the principal, I said “you must have a look at this, you must come and see what’s going on here” and he walked in and he was just about blown out.

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