School agreement

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  • Sonic Learning recommends that participants who experience epilepsy or depression/anxiety and other affective disorders seek medical advice before commencing Fast ForWord as these conditions can be exacerbated by fatigue.

    The person authorising this agreement, named below:

    1. agrees that students from the school named above will participate in the Fast ForWord or Reading Assistant computer-based training programs 3-5 days per week (Fast ForWord, depending on the protocol selected) or 3 days per week (Reading Assistant), and understands that skipping exercises or training days for a prolonged period of time will compromise program outcomes;

    2. understands that a subscription is being purchased for an agreed number of students to participate in Fast ForWord or Reading Assistant for a determined number of school terms, as indicated on the payment invoice;

    3. understands that a 20% deposit is required in order to receive the Fast ForWord or Reading Assistant program materials, and full payment is due before students commence training;

    4. understand/s that this subscription will commence at the beginning of the nominated school term and it is the school’s responsibility to ensure that all computers are installed and tested prior to the beginning of the subscription period;

    5. acknowledge/s that the school named above is responsible for supplying computers and headsets that comply with the technical specifications provided by Sonic Learning;

    6. acknowledge/s that it is the school’s responsibility to ensure that all students attend Fast ForWord training 3-5 days each week (depending on protocol selected) or Reading Assistant training 3 days each week for the duration of the training term(s) in accordance with the recommended training protocol;

    7. understand/s that students need to be supervised while training and it is the school’s responsibility to ensure that staff or volunteers are recruited for this purpose;

    8. understand/s that all supervisors are required to undertake a 4-part self directed coach training course, which will be provided by Sonic Learning before students commence training;

    9. Item nine
    10. agree/s to be responsible for setting up the training environment at the school with appropriate space, ventilation and lighting as recommended by Sonic Learning;

    11. acknowledge/s that data about the participants and their performance on the program will be transmitted over the Internet;

    12. agrees that all data received by Sonic Learning may be used by Sonic Learning and/or Scientific Learning on an anonymous basis for research, norming, marketing and other purposes;

    13. Item twelve
    14. agree/s that any software or materials provided in connection with the training programs (the "licensed materials") will be used only for students attending the school named above in connection with authorised use of the training programs;

    15. agrees not to copy, rent, lease, lend, license, sublicense, sell, export, assign, transfer or in any other way disseminate, reverse engineer, decompile, or create derivative works or adaptations from the licensed materials;

    16. understand/s that while Sonic Learning provides computer technical support relating to the Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant programs, they are not responsible for the compatibility, performance or efficiency of the signing school’s computers or networking;