Lasting results – longitudinal Fast ForWord research

Fast ForWord learning programs repeatedly show long term academic benefits as they build the foundational cognitive skills required to excel in all subjects.

Multi-year high school study across a range of subject areas

Do Fast ForWord results last Fast ForWord longitudinal research

This study followed more than 500 high school students from 20 schools over the years of their Fast ForWord participation and shows impressive long-term results on the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) which is administered annually throughout Texas and is closely aligned with the state curricular standards.

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Four year high school study on reading results

Fast ForWord research lasting results

Secondary students showed significant improvements in reading achievement after participation in the Fast ForWord program. The students improved from the 13th percentile in reading to the 22nd immediately following use of the programs and continued to improve thereafter, extending their original gains to the 39th percentile 18 months later.

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Multi-year primary school study on reading, language arts and mathematics

Fast ForWord school research

Students in years 1 – 8 achieved significant improvements in their Criterion-Referenced Competency Test scores (reading, language arts and mathematics), when compared with students who did not participate in the Fast ForWord program. These students also experienced continued improvements over the following years.

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Nine year primary school study across a range of subjects

This study spans a 9 year period and includes almost 10,000 students. By implementing Fast ForWord with all Year 4 students, the district improved from 58% to 73% of students above benchmark on state testing. In addition, the number of students requiring special education services decreased by 17% over a 5 year period.

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