Fast ForWord Elements II

Fast ForWord Elements II builds critical cognitive skills, with an emphasis on auditory processing, auditory memory, auditory attention and comprehension.

Enrol in a 6 Week Cognitive Boost or our Adult cognitive program to complete this program.

Fast ForWord Elements II consists of five exercises:

Elements II Mission Control

Mission Control
Goal: Develop the skill of following directions by identifying or manipulating shapes according to spoken instructions.

Elements II Cinematch

Goal: Develop listening comprehension skills by listening to stories and answering questions.

Fast ForWord Elements II Bioacoustics Lab

Bioacoustics Lab
Goal: Develop listening accuracy and phonological awareness skills by selecting a target syllable from a sequence of two syllables.

Fast ForWord Elements II PIcflip

Goal: Develop auditory word recognition, phonological awareness, and vocabulary skills by distinguishing between similar-sounding words.

Fast ForWord Elements II Illuminator

Goal: In Illuminator, students listen to a target word and view 4 pictures, then click the picture that best represents the target word.

Skills developed by Fast ForWord Elements II:

    • Auditory processing
    • Auditory memory
    • Focused attention
    • Sustained attention
    • Language comprehension
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