Fast ForWord Elements I

Fast ForWord Elements I builds critical cognitive skills, with an emphasis on auditory processing, auditory memory and auditory attention.

Enrol in a 6 Week Cognitive Boost or our Adult cognitive program to complete this program.

Fast ForWord Elements I and II demo video

Fast ForWord Elements I consists of four exercises:

AI Assistant Fast ForWord Elements I

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AI Assistant
Click go to hear a sentence, then pick the picture that best matches the sentence. This exercise works on a wide range of grammatical structures including complex sentences.

Ocean Explorer Fast ForWord Elements I

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Ocean Explorer
Challenge your processing speed, working memory, attention and sequencing skills in this exercise! You’ll hear frequency-modulated sweep sounds that change their pitch. Many speech sounds (phonemes) include sweeps. For example, to distinguish /b/ from /d/, one must be able to distinguish and recognize the sweep components of those speech sounds. As you improve, you’ll work with more difficult and faster sound sweeps.

Sonolab Fast ForWord Elements I

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Challenge your auditory attention and listening skills with this exercise! You’ll have to pay attention to a sound until it changes, then react quickly when it does.

Space Salvage Fast ForWord Elements I

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Space Salvage
Challenge your auditory memory with this exercise. You’ll see 4 – 16 objects organized in a grid pattern (the number of objects increases as your memory gets better). You’ll listen to syllables or words and match them together to clear the grid within the maximum number of clicks remaining.

Skills developed by Fast ForWord Elements I:

  • Auditory processing
  • Working memory
  • Focused attention
  • Sustained attention
  • Sequencing
  • Language comprehension
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