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Cogmed was created by neuroscientists in Sweden, is used worldwide and is backed by 100+ published articles

This page lists some examples of Cogmed research studies showing how the Cogmed program improves working memory and attention for children, teenagers and adults.

The Cogmed Story

Cogmed story research improve working memory

Learn how a scientific discovery is changing the way we understand and overcome the limits of the brain, and how Cogmed was born.

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Preschoolers: Cogmed improves working memory and behaviour
Cogmed research working memory

A gold standard random control study found that preschoolers who used Cogmed improved their verbal working memory, visuo-spatial working memory and behavioural self-regulation, allowing them to benefit more from classroom instruction.

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Primary students: Cogmed improves working memory
Cogmed research working memory does cogmed work?

In this research study, teachers ran working memory programs with their students. 72 students aged 8 – 11 years participated, and were selected for the study based on low academic performance. They were matched with a control group of 50 children. The children who participated in working memory programs improved significantly in working memory tasks, and training was associated with significantly greater progress at school across the academic year in maths and English. These findings indicate that Cogmed training leads to generalised and robust gains in working memory and educationally significant gains in academic performance.

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Primary and high school students: Cogmed improves attention
Cogmed improve attention ADHD ADD concentration focus

A study by Steven Beck at Ohio University found that children who used Cogmed showed improvements in ADHD symptoms, inattention and organisation.

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Adults: Cogmed creates lasting improvements in working memory, attention and cognitive functioning
Cogmed working memory program for adults

In this gold standard random control double-blind research study, adults aged 20 to 70 years improved on visuo-spatial working memory and verbal working memory, sustained attention and self report of cognitive functioning. The improvements were maintained at 3 month follow-up.

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Want to see all the research? Take a look at the Cogmed Claims and Evidence document (PDF).

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