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Neuroscience-based programs – what are they?

December 14, 2021

How can we enhance attention and engagement?

How can we develop reading fluency?

How can we improve working memory?

These questions and more are being answered by neuroscience – the exciting field of science that studies how the brain works to maximise learning potential.

Neuroscience informs the development of neuroscience-based learning programs which incorporate proven research and are designed to facilitate significant and long-term learning gains in the shortest time possible.

All good neuroscience-based learning programs incorporate four key principles to optimise learning


  1. Repetition & intensity – frequent, daily practice develops neural pathways and helps information to ‘stick’. That’s why once per week interventions aren’t as effective.
  2. Attention – we only learn when we are paying attention so it’s important that interventions are engaging and interactive, like some computer-based interventions.
  3. Timely reinforcement – the brain learns best when it receives positive reinforcement immediately following a correct response. In fact, there’s an organisation set up by the University of California dedicated solely to the importance of timing for the brain.
  4. Working memory – increasing your ability to retain information enables you to:
    – Read a book and remember the beginning of the story
    – Listen to your teacher and remember what you are taught
    – Follow multiple instructions
    – Handle complex mathematical equations that involve comprehension

Sonic Learning is a provider of neuroscience-based programs

Our neuroscience-based programs are based on strong scientific research and incorporate these key neuroscience principles to efficiently optimise learning potential.

Our most popular neuroscience based programs are Fast ForWord and Cogmed.


Fast ForWord

Builds critical foundations of learning

  • Listening (auditory processing)
  • Auditory memory
  • Auditory attention
  • Comprehension
  • Following instructions
  • Sequencing

Suitable for:
ages 6 to adult

Time commitment:
30 mins/day, 5 days/week

Program length:
3 – 6 months 🛈The program adapts for you, so the time needed is a little different for each person. If you finish before your subscription has expired, we'll enrol you in the next program in the series so you'll never run out of work to do.


Supercharges working memory

  • Auditory working memory
  • Visual working memory
  • Attention

Suitable for:
ages 6 to adult

Time commitment:
30 mins/day, 3-5 days/week

Program length:
6 – 14 weeks  ?

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