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NDIS & ADHD: What you should know

October 10, 2022

Does the NDIS cover ADHD?

No, ADHD and other attention disorders are not covered by the NDIS.

So if it isn’t classed as a disability in Australia, can you use NDIS funding for ADHD?

Just because ADHD isn’t specifically classed as a disability doesn’t mean you can’t use NDIS funding you already qualify for to use toward ADHD treaments.

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NDIS ADHD: How you may qualify

You can’t qualify for NDIS based on an ADHD diagnosis alone, but depending on your situation you may be able to allocate some of your funds to improve your attention and memory skills.

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There’s a list of disabilities covered by the NDIS on the NDIS website. Unfortunately, ADHD isn’t on the list.

However, many individuals with ADHD already qualify for the NDIS for a different reason, such as being Autistic. Or you may live with a physical disability and receive supports from the NDIS.

If you already qualify for the NDIS for another disability, you may be able to use some of your funding for ADHD supports.

If you already qualify for the NDIS, you have already chosen a plan management type.

If your NDIS funding is self managed or plan managed, and if the program is in line with your plan goals, you can enrol in one of our online programs (don’t worry – we’ll go through all this with you on the phone before you start).

Possible diagnoses to qualify for NDIS funding

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The NDIS provides support for those with an intellectual disability.
The NDIS uses the internationally-accepted DSM-5 standard for assessing intellectual disability. According to the DSM-5, an individual is considered to have an intellectual disability if they meet the following criteria:
  1. Deficiency in intellectual functioning – including reasoning, planning, learning and problem solving.
  2. Deficiency in ‘adaptive functioning’ – that is, it’s difficult for the individual to function independently.
  3. These issues began during childhood, not when they were an adult.

Cognitive impairment is a form of intellectual disability. 

According the the NSW Health website, “An individual may be eligible to become a participant of the NDIS where cognitive impairment affects their ability to participate at home, at school, at work and/or in social situations.” 

How to get assessed by the NDIS 

The NDIS website has all the information you need. Find out how to apply here.
It’s important to have good evidence of your disability, so a diagnosis from a health professional (such as a psychologist) is one of the pieces of evidence you’ll need.

ADHD screening assessment for adults

People aged 18 and above can take our short ADHD screening assessment.
While not a diagnostic tool, it can help you decide if you need a diagnosis from a health professional.

Our NDIS ADHD programs

We use NDIS billing friendly, research-backed online learning programs to help persons with ADHD strengthen memory, attention and comprehension skills.
  • EF Kids: Builds executive function skills (attention, memory, and cognitive flexibility) in young learners
  • Fast ForWord: Builds critical foundations of learning – listening, comprehension, auditory memory
  • Cogmed: Trains working memory and attention
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If you’d like to know more, feel free to call our professionals for free advice or click on the link below to request our NDIS programs info pack.

Learn more & contact us

NDIS info pack

Download NDIS info pack

This information pack will help you learn more about our program and help you decide if it is right for you.

Fast forword

Take our 5-minute online screening assessment

Not sure what learning issues you have? Identify learning strengths and weaknesses.

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How Sonic Learning helps ADHD

Sonic Learning has been working with people with ADHD since 2004. Find out how we can help.

Book a free phone consult

This free telephone consultation can help to answer any questions you have about our services. At Sonic Learning we are all experienced teachers and health professionals so parents tend to find it very beneficial to be able to discuss their concerns and receive guidance from our team.

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