Fast ForWord at home at school online learning program

Peak performance for average, advanced and gifted students

Proven programs that challenge brain skills for all learners.

Neuroscience programs are not just for those with learning difficulties. Advanced and gifted students can benefit from adaptive technology to reach new heights. With Fast ForWord, Cogmed and Reading Assistant, all learners can reach their optimum potential.

The reason we chose to put Max on the Fast ForWord program is because it’s not just another tutoring program. What appealed to us most was the fact that it works on all aspects of learning – it trained his short and long term memory, his ability to focus for increasingly longer periods, his ability to follow more and more complex instructions, as well as his reading, spelling and comprehension skills. The program really got him to think and concentrate and he enjoyed doing it because as far as he was concerned, he was playing fun computer games.Max's mum

Which program?

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Fast ForWord, Cogmed and Reading Assistant exercise examples

Fast ForWord Literacy following instructions working memory

Stellar Stories (from Fast ForWord)

Students answer questions about a story that has been read to them, then follow multiple step instructions.

Watch Fast ForWord video
Cogmed space cube working memory attention program

Space Cube (from Cogmed)

Students remember which discs lit up on a rotating cube, challenging working memory, concentration and visuo-spatial skills.

Watch Cogmed video
Reading Assistant online reading program comprehension fluency repeated reading

Reading Assistant

Builds reading fluency and comprehension. Students preview and read the text silently, then listen to a model reading. After answering guided reading comprehension questions, students read the text aloud.

Watch Reading Assistant video


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