Is Auditory Processing Disorder Genetic?

Neuroscientist and Speech Pathologist Dr Martha Burns answers the question “is auditory processing disorder genetic?” in this video interview.

The answer is: possibly, but we’re not sure because we don’t have enough research yet.

“There are probably kinds of auditory processing problems that are inherited”, Dr Burns says. She adds: “I don’t think the genes have been identified yet the way they have been with dyslexia.”


“There are projects called ‘The Human Connectome Project’ and also “The Human Genome Project’. Those are international consortiums of university researchers who are looking at genetics of different neural developmental issues.”

“I don’t think at this point in time that auditory processing disorders has fallen under the Human Genome Project, but we know that a lot of neurodevelopmental disorders associated with genetic changes – like autism spectrum disorders and dyslexia – have auditory processing components, so we can logically conclude that probably many auditory processing problems have a genetic predisposition.”

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