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New research on how to become a good reader

January 27, 2015

New research shows that in order for a student to become a fluent reader, they need to read a large variety of texts (much more than the mass-produced school readers). This infographic shows factors that contribute to good readers, and below we answer some of your questions about the Reading Assistant program.

What is the Reading Assistant program?

Reading Assistant is an online personal, interactive reading tutor. Students work, on the computer, through a large range of books.

How is Reading Assistant different from other reading programs?

Reading Assistant is the only program that “listens” to each student read and helps them when they get stuck. Students first listen to a fluent adult reading the book, so they have a model to imitate. Then they preview and read the text silently. Next, they read out loud into the microphone (did you know that reading aloud is very important for improvement, but very few children read out loud at home?). Afterward, they answer comprehension questions to test their understanding of the story. Watch a Reading Assistant tutorial video…

How does Reading Assistant help students become better readers?

  • Reading accuracy and pronunciation: the program provides a model and  intervenes with pronunciation if required.
  • Fluency (speed): Reading Assistant shows words correct per minute (WCPM), the standard measure of reading fluency, and graphs a students reading fluency improvement.
  • Vocabulary: students can click on underlined words to hear the pronunciation and dictionary at the moment they see the word in the story.
  • Reading comprehension: four levels of knowledge: literal, inferential, evaluative, and analytical
  • Word backgrounds: “did you know?” feature includes word background, Latin and Greek roots, other meanings or uses of words.

How are students placed on the program?

Other reading programs can be very discouraging for students who are reading below their age. If a 10 year old is made to read a story that was written for a much younger child, he or she will not enjoy reading! The creators of Reading Assistant have carefully selected books that are at the students reading level but also at their interest level. The book selection for every age group contains a wide variety fiction, nonfiction, poems and even jokes! Contact us for more information on the books in Reading Assistant.

What do parents and teachers think?

Read case studies and comments from parents and teachers here.

How much does Reading Assistant cost?

Reading Assistant is very affordable and much cheaper than paying a tutor to sit with your child as they read. It is a perfect addition to your child’s existing reading program as they can use it as often as they wish, and training protocols are flexible to suit your schedule. You can view Reading Assistant pricing here.

How can I find out more about Reading Assistant?

Check out our Reading Assistant information page, Reading Assistant tutorial video, and contact our health professionals today for more information. 

Reading Assistant Info pack

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