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How to talk to your child about NAPLAN

August 22, 2019
Regardless of whether or not your child is taking NAPLAN this year, something all Australian parents face at some point is how to talk to their child about NAPLAN.

NAPLAN and self esteem

You want them to try their best, but you know that putting too much emphasis on a test isn’t good for your child’s self esteem or motivation.

Your feelings about NAPLAN will rub off on your child. If you are stressed and worked up about this one snapshot test, your child will sense that.

Should I avoid the subject of NAPLAN?

But don’t avoid the subject altogether!

Let your child know that the purpose of NAPLAN is to let teachers and schools know if they are teaching students well and what they can do better.

Kids often feel that the sole purpose of NAPLAN is to identify their personal faults – this is not true!

Once students realise it is a test to see how well the teachers and school are doing, they are able to relax a bit.

So try to go with the flow and make sure your child knows you’re their number 1 supporter!

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