Sonic Learning is open over the Christmas / New Year break

Between Christmas and New Year, we’ll be operating with a smaller team – but don’t worry, we’re committed to maintaining our usual high quality support over the break.

We’ll be closed on the Australian national holidays (Friday 25 Dec, Monday 28 Dec and Friday 1 Jan), but if you need help with your program on these days please email us so we can prioritise you.

New enquiries and questions about our programs and services

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Program support

Click here to contact us or call 1300 135 334.

If you can’t reach us on the phone right away because we’re helping another client, please leave a message and we’ll respond as quickly as we can.

Keep safe and well over the holiday break,

The Sonic Learning Team

Meet our team

Claire Corbitt, Managing Director

Claire has a background in Occupational Therapy and jumped straight into the deep end when she started Sonic Learning 17 years ago. At that time, many people were still afraid of computers and the internet and the idea of running neuroscience programs was something very few people had thought of. She is a super mum who manages a business while raising 2 beautiful girls. We love her positivity, never-ending flow of ideas and words of encouragement (she doesn’t know we wrote this about her yet!)

Tina Pickford, Speech Pathologist

Tina has been with Sonic Learning for 13 years because she can’t get enough of the way neuroscience programs help improve learning skills. She started with us in 2007 working on a research project and became part of the furniture. She’s really into interpreting research, drinks way too much coffee and writes most of our blog and video content (did that make me seem like a dork? I promise I’m cool…)

Shahin Seker, Education Consultant

Shahin Seker Sonic Learning

If you’ve called or emailed Sonic Learning, you’ve probably spoken with Shahin. Her background is in special education in Queensland schools. She worked with the Fast ForWord program in a school, coaching kids, and decided she absolutely had to make neuroscience programs part of her life. Kids love chatting with her because she’s on their level, having her own tweenage son (eek! Didn’t he turn 6 just last week?)

Zoe Nanos, Support Consultant

Zoe is our Jack of all trades. She is a computer whiz and has a background teaching English as a Second Language to kids overseas. Have a question about one of our programs? Need help with a tricky exercise? How about a change to your receipt? Zoe can do it all and with a big smile too. Random fact: Zoe speaks fluent Chinese!