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Getting ready for your first NDIS planning meeting

Getting ready for your first NDIS planning meeting

February 22, 2017

With the NDIS rolling out to thousands of new participants during 2017, the question everyone is asking is: “how do I prepare for my NDIS planning meeting to make sure I can use my child’s funding to best help them?”

What is the NDIS planning meeting?

The NDIS planning meeting is a telephone meeting with a NDIS representative (NDIS planner). During this meeting the planner will ask you questions about your child, their immediate needs and goals.

NDIS plan goals are extremely important

You can only spend your funding on services that help your child to meet the goals included in their plan. If you have goals that are not in your child’s plan, you cannot use the NDIS funding to achieve these goals. So, it’s important to think about your child’s goals BEFORE the planning meeting.

Think carefully about what you would like your child to achieve in the next 12 months. Nobody can tell you what your goals will be because they are specific to your child, however they might include things like:

  • Improve receptive language – ability to follow instructions, pay attention when others are speaking to me
  • Improve expressive language – to be able to express my needs and wants
  • Reduce frustration around learning tasks
  • Make new friends at school
  • Transition to mainstream schooling
  • Get a job

Bring someone else with you

A trusted friend or family member can help jog your memory during the planning meeting to make sure all your goals are discussed.

Complete the checklist before your planning meeting

The NDIA have created a checklist to help you prepare for your planning meeting – click here to see it.

Can we help you meet your plan goals?

If you think we might be able to help you, you can contact us to discuss your goals or learn more about our NDIS programs.



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