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Fast ForWord review 9 year old Asha improved her auditory processing, memory, reading and spelling

Fast ForWord review: 9 year old Asha improved her auditory processing, memory, reading and spelling

September 19, 2016

Asha’s Mum recently submitted a Fast ForWord program review explaining why she placed her daughter on the program and the results she achieved.

What prompted you to look into Fast ForWord?

Asha was experiencing academic difficulties across all areas. She had working memory and processing speed difficulties. After she was diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), the Audiologist recommended the Fast ForWord program, so we decided to do it.

What results have you seen?

Ultimately the hard work has paid off, because when we went of her parent teacher interview a few weeks ago, before we asked, the teachers commented on how much she’s improved in her spelling and reading comprehension. It was one of those moments where we went “oh, we’ve done the right thing”. Her teachers have commented that there have been dramatic changes in spelling and reading comprehension, but even her Maths is also starting to improve. Each week they do mental maths testing and the results of those have improved too. Her teacher said she’d doing so well with spelling that she’s going to start giving her more words.

Asha’s confidence has increased. Her initial answer to a question is no longer “I don’t know,” she now has a go at answering or comes up with ideas herself. Her friendships at school have improved as well. When they gain confidence in one area it extends to others.

What did you like about the program?

I liked that there were a variety of exercises for my daughter to do. It was hard work and sometimes a bit repetitive but that’s necessary in order to get the gains. The time commitment was significant – 5 days a week for 13 weeks, but with a bit of bribery we got there in the end. Apart from the positive benefits, there were certain games I liked more than others. I liked the comprehension games, it really amazed me how well she did at them. I liked the game where she had to follow instructions because she really struggles with that. Sometimes the American nature of the program meant that there were some words which a bit different from what we usually say, but once I told Asha what they were she was ok.

How did you support your daughter through the program?

We always sat at the computer with Asha for her lesson with the exception of the last couple of weeks. Sitting with her was time consuming but worth it – those words of encouragement we gave her, like “great work, keep going” and “great job, click the next one” – those things made a difference to her motivation.

How Sonic Learning can help

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