Fast ForWord Review: 7 year old Sophia Improved Auditory Processing and Reading

Fast ForWord review auditory processing program“We’re thrilled with Sophia’s progress! After only 3 months of Fast ForWord training, she has made huge improvements in her learning, memory, concentration and behaviour. She is a lot more confident now and is showing much greater willingness to try at school and not give up.”

Before the program, she was way behind the rest of her class in reading and was only at level 9 but now she’s up to level 24! Something has clicked and we couldn’t be more pleased.

We’ve noticed a huge improvement in her behaviour too – she’s much happier and more positive now whereas before she was very grumpy. Now she feels a sense of accomplishment and is more confident in the classroom. Her teacher says Sophia can concentrate for longer and complete her work on time.

Even though Sophia loved the games, it can be tiring but when you see the great results, it makes it all worthwhile and I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to do it all over again! I strongly recommend the program to other parents and just wish that more parents and teachers knew about Fast ForWord so other children can benefit from the program like Sophia has.

 – Carla, Sophia’s Mum

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