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Fast ForWord review 7 year old Joe improved his reading, spelling, attention and memory

Fast ForWord review: 7 year old Joe improved his reading, spelling, attention and memory

December 10, 2014

“If you make the training a priority now, you will reap the rewards for life!”

Fiona, Joe’s mum, recently submitted a Fast ForWord program review. She says, “Our expectations of the program were exceeded. When Joe’s teachers told me they have never seen such gains made in spelling and reading by any of their other students before, I had tears of joy in my eyes for days later.”

Changes Joe’s parents and teachers have seen

“The main changes we have seen … include greater memory, improved attention, increase in processing speed, improved language and literacy skills, much better reading fluency and spelling as well as stronger writing and organizational skills.”

“He is now proud of his work which is evidenced by how much neater his handwriting has become and his eagerness to show off his completed tasks. We have also noticed subtle improvements in Joe’s language skills in conversation. Family, friends and school teachers have noticed how Joe has become more confident and more willing to give things a go. Joe is now a confident learner. We are very proud of him.”

The Fast ForWord program experience

“His teachers thanked me for my commitment to improving Joe’s learning but I have to thank Joe for all his efforts and for trying his hardest every session because he knew it was helping his learning. The flexibility of being able to do the program at home was great particularly because Joe has two younger sisters. The support we received from the Sonic Learning team was of a very high standard. I felt confident Sonic Learning understood my son’s learning issues and would be able to help improve his future learning. They were always up to date with Joe’s progress and answered any questions I had. Joe liked trying to beat his previous days score the following day and I liked that the program was driven by him. I felt confident all throughout Joe’s training that we had chosen the right program for our son to assist his future learning abilities. I also liked the one on one time with my son and seeing him recognizing that the effort he was putting into Fast ForWord was paying off in his literacy.”

Fast ForWord is now on iPad!

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