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Fast ForWord review: 6 year old Ethan improved reading, spelling and auditory attention

July 5, 2016

Gabriel, Ethan’s dad, recently submitted a Fast ForWord program review. He says, “We are really pleased with his progress through Fast ForWord and in fact, we’ve noted some improvement that we’ll like to share with you.”

Changes Ethan’s parents have seen

About 3-4 weeks back, he suddenly spelt some words on route to school and was doing that throughout our 25 mins’ drive to school.

That was the start. Prior to that, we noticed that his sustained auditory attention had improved slightly and has continued to improve as well. A couple of days ago, I played a word game with him; where one of us would say a word and the other would continue with the last sound of that word. He was really engaged with that. We’ve noticed too that he’s paying closer attention to the sounds and is enunciating that better including ending consonants as well. He’s getting better at listening with accuracy too.

Oh yes, one huge improvement noted in school with his level readers: During the course of Fast ForWord, he’s moved two levels up in his readers. We’ve celebrated his achievement and accredited to his brain being changed and worked on through his hard work in attempting the activities in Fast ForWord.”

Program support

“Thank you so much for your correspondence and to the team for keeping us updated about his progress. We have been most pleased and have actually recommended and conducted the demo games to a couple of parents as well.”

Fast ForWord is now on iPad!

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