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What did home learning teach you about the way your child learns?

Geez, wasn’t it a juggle to have to play teacher to our children while the schools were shut!

trouble writing and spelling

How to talk to your child about NAPLAN

Regardless of whether or not your child is taking NAPLAN this year, something all Australian parents face at some point is how to talk to their child about NAPLAN.

Do children with reading problems catch up?

Will he catch up or fall further and further behind?

Last week the phone at the office rang, as it does many times every day. “Welcome to Sonic Learning, my name is Claire, how can I help?” “My son Ayden is in year 4 and he is reading at a year 2 level. His teacher says he’ll catch up by himself. But that’s what his […]

I can't do it

“I can’t do it” – Learned helplessness in children and teenagers

If a person doesn’t believe they can do something, they either won’t bother trying or will just make a half-hearted effort with the expectation of failure. This is often called “learned helplessness”. This negative mindset is serious because if it continues, it can potentially affect everything in a person’s life – not just their academic performance but […]


Is dyslexia more common in males?

Neuroscientist and Speech Pathologist Dr Martha Burns answers the question “is dyslexia more common in males?” in this video interview. Yes, it is – as are most learning disabilities, Dyslexia is more common among males. Why do more boys have dyslexia than girls? “In some cases it may be that the genetic predisposition is exacerbated […]