Dr Martha Burns presents Reading & the Brain

Martha Burns neuroscientist seminar

Due to the immense success of her 2011 seminars, Dr Martha Burns is returning to Australia in 2012.

2011 seminars sold out early – register now to avoid disappointment.

Comments from 2011 seminar attendees:
“Dr Burns was outstanding. Her knowledge and understanding of the subject matter was brilliant. Thank you!”
“Brilliant! Fantastic to attend a seminar based on empirical research. Clear and thought provoking.”

The ability to read, spell and write is an astounding feat that opens our world to a cosmos of information, sounds and meanings. Literacy is a necessity in today’s modern society and yet around 30% of Australian students struggle to develop proficiency in this crucial skill.

Fortunately, scientists are beginning to identify why some students learn to read easily and why others struggle – and what to do about it. Due to the immense success of her previous seminars, Dr Burns is returning to Australia to present on:

  • The science of reading, spelling and writing – the brain mechanisms and circuitry involved in learning to read, spell and write, the “reading paradox” and how reading literally changes the brain.
  • The language to literacy link – knowledge of how the human brain is organised for language and reading processes helps to explain the inextricable link between oral language and reading development, and their disorders.
  • Faulty learning theories – the myth of whole word reading and the inefficiency of the whole-language approach.
  • Executive functions – the role of working memory, attention and auditory processing.
  • The impact of technology – how 21st century technology is changing literacy levels and standards.
  • The dyslexic brain – why some intelligent and well-rounded students experience disproportionate trouble in learning to read and the effectiveness of new, evidence-based remedial intervention strategies.
  • The latest research – recent findings from cognitive neuroscience and its applications.
  • Best practice strategies – recommendations from the fields on psychology and neuroscience for educators, therapists and parents.

Dr Burns is an exceptional presenter who communicates the most complicated research findings in simple terms and translates them into practical strategies for parents, teachers and clinicians. This not-to-be-missed seminar will provide insightful information that is applicable to all Australian students.

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