Summary unit

Workbook Activity: On pages 13-15 of your Workbook, you’ll find job aids to help you investigate your reports. 

The purpose of this job aid is to help remind you what you are looking for in the reports and which reports to investigate to understand student usage and progress. 

Check it out now and remember to pull it out when you check your reports. 

Phew! That was a lot of info. Let’s have a quick recap

(You can find this Summary on page 16 of your Workbook.)

  • The CAPs report is like having your finger on the pulse; checking your Completion Rate, Attendance and Participation Rates regularly is the best way to determine how things are going.
  • Drilling down by clicking a student’s name lets you see detailed usage, revealing their usage of and success with the program. 
  • The RPI report gives you overall and individual student RPI data including comparison data of before and after program use. 
  • Use the Real-Time Monitoring report to get insight into your students’ productivity and real-time usage.