RPI report

RPI is a computerised reading test that can be used as a pre and post measure for groups of students.

Let’s explore this report.

The Auto RPI will only show you automatically assigned RPIs that your students have done within the selected date range. We recommended clicking All RPI to make sure you’re seeing all student data.

The Reading Level gains (on the left) is the difference between the students initial Grade Level Equivalent score and a follow up score is what determines their amount of reading level proficiency gain. 

The Reading Level distribution graph (on the right) breaks out the Reading Level gains by the percentage of students who gained a given amount of growth.

The Reading Percentile Scores (on the left) compares your students to a sample of students who took the same test.

The Proficiency Level Changes (on the right) looks at the percentile scores and breaks it down into different categories, showing this as a before and after program usage result.