CAPs report

Completion, Attendance and Participation

Click reports > Fast ForWord to see the CAPs report. It provides a snapshot of all your students’ progress through the program content.

(1) Email Scheduler: You can use this one of two ways. To send reports to yourself so you can regularly check student progress, or to send a one-off report to a parent.

2) Date Range: This defaults to the past 4 weeks. Remember to update this if you want to view data from a different range.

(3) Percent complete: This report tells you how far along each student is, in each exercise of each program.

(4) Completion Rate: This tells you how much of your student’s projected weekly content was completed in the given date range. A CR of 65% or higher indicates that the student is progressing as expected and not getting stuck on any of the concepts. If it is below, it may indicate they are finding some of the content challenging and you may want to review their data further.

(5) Attendance: how many days each week the student logs against their expected daily usage.

(6) Participation: how many minutes the student trained compared to their daily goal.

(7) Usage by student: this allows you to see all of your students. You can sort the list in high to low with completion, attendance or participation rates. You can also view their status (more on this later), overall component completion, and the date they last used the program.