Who we are: The Sonic Learning team

Claire Hutchinson

OT, Managing Director

I grew up with an undiagnosed Auditory Processing Disorder. Back then, we didn’t know about learning difficulties like we do today and there weren’t the same supports in place and options for kids like me who were falling behind for unexplained reasons. In fact, our futures were decided by well-meaning teachers with flippant comments like ‘She’ll never go to uni’. Today, I work with an amazing with high quality, evidence-based learning programs. I’m motivated every day to help others feel a sense of success in themselves as learners and to prevent them from disengaging with school and feeling the sense of failure that I experienced as a child.

Tina Pickford

Speech Pathologist

I’ve been with Sonic Learning since 2007 when we were working on a research project implementing Fast ForWord in Australian schools.

It was a great success, and I can’t get enough of the way neuroscience programs help improve learning skills. You’ll see me in lots of the videos on our site because I film most of those.

Shahin Seker

Special Education Consultant

If you’ve called or emailed Sonic Learning, you’ve probably spoken with me!

My background is in special education in Queensland schools.

I began working with the Fast ForWord program as a school coach, and decided I absolutely had to make neuroscience programs part of my life.

Dev Stewart

Program support coach


I’m passionate about helping others and I really enjoy working with people, which is why I chose social work as my area of study.

I’m here to support you and help you get the best results possible.

Zoe Nanos

Support consultant & accounts

I am Sonic Learning’s Jack of all trades.

Have a question about one of our programs? Need help with a tricky exercise? How about a change to your receipt? I can help you and I’ll be smiling while I do it!