Section Overview: Introducing Students to Fast ForWord

After this section, you’ll be able to: 

  • Locate and engage with the exercise demos and the scope and sequence. 
  • Create a motivating plan for introducing your students to Fast ForWord using exercise demos.  
  • Describe the purpose of the exercises in student/parent-friendly language. 


  • Knowing your way around the exercises makes it easier for you to demo them with your students because you’ll better understand it from their perspective.
  • Introducing Fast ForWord to your students with a motivation mindset means you’re taking the right steps to build  students’ sense of buy-in. 


  • Reflection on prior knowledge and experiences.
  • Playing with the exercises to get your student’s perspective.
  • Scenario-based writing activity to sharpen your elevator pitch.
  • Composing a plan for introducing the program to students.