Processing and Memory Challenge

Fast ForWord is different because it focuses on increasing your students’ cognitive capacity like memory, attention, processing, and sequencing skills, which are necessary for reading and for learning in the classroom.

This increased cognitive capacity allows you to focus on providing quality content to students who are able to access and fully engage with your instruction.

So put on your learner hat and take your memory, attention, processing and sequencing skills for a spin to gain an understanding of how it feels to use these skills from a learner perspective. 

Processing Challenge

To highlight how important our processing and memory is for reading, you’ll be taking the Stroop Color and Word Test in this interactive video. This might be what it feels like as a student who is experiencing cognitive overload as they try to spell or decode a new or challenging word. 

Memory Challenge

Tom Chapin leads you through an interactive memory challenge to see how many words you can hold in your short term memory. Are you ready to stretch your cognitive skills?