Hands-On Activity: Exploring the Exercises

Demoing the exercises with your students before they get started serves one main purpose: to give you and your students a dry run at working on Fast ForWord. 

This unit is all about letting YOU explore the demos for yourself so that: 

  • You know where to locate them. 
  • You know which components to demo with your students. 

Ready to play? 

First things first, which component should you explore?

To determine which components you’ll be playing with, check the graphics below, paying attention to the grade level you are working with. 

Primary school students

Fast ForWord programs for kids

Teenagers and adults

Remember to note the names of the components you’ll be playing with so you don’t forget!

Where do you find the demos?

You can find them in your dashboard (see screenshots).

Teacher dashboard:

Student dashboard:

If you don’t yet have a MySciLEARN dashboard, use this sample student login:

Go to: https://ondemand6.scilearn.com/slc/learner?tenantId=409239&schoolOrgId=1175522
Username: 4teststudent
Password: school


In your Workbook, use the Note Catcher on page 7 as well as the scope and sequence to take notes about the skills each exercise targets.

As you’re exploring, be mindful of the following:

  • Positives of the exercise that you’ll share with your students
  • Tricky areas to be mindful of that you’ll help your students with
  • Helpful strategies that you could use for a stuck student

Take as much time as you need (about 30-45 minutes should be enough) to explore the exercises included in the Foundational Components (Foundations I or Elements I) or the Reading Level Components, spending 4-5 minutes in each exercise. 

We recommend exploring the ‘Introduction’ to an exercise first and then exploring either an ‘Early or Late level’.