Fast ForWord Overview 5 of 5: Summary

Phew – that was a lot of information! Let’s have a quick recap,

You can find these summary points in your Workbook.

  • Fast ForWord has been proven to build the cognitive capacity necessary for reading and learning – memory, attention, processing and sequencing – by training these foundational cognitive skills from the ground up. 
  • Fast ForWord helps emerging bilingual students develop these same cognitive skills while also directly targeting English grammar and vocabulary, listening comprehension, and sentence structure skills.
  • Fast ForWord has been proven to help students with Dyslexia by targeting the skills that are most affected, such as auditory processing, by directly activating and training these areas of the brain. 
  • For the fastest results, we recommend students use the Fast ForWord program 5 days a week for 30 minutes per day. Professionals play a role in monitoring student progress and stepping in to help when necessary.

A Quick Pep Talk…

Before we get going, watch this 5 minute video where Dr. Eric Jensen shares a few tips to share with you as you kick off the Fast ForWord program with your students.