Fast ForWord Overview 4 of 5: The Impact

Revisiting your student from the start

Reflect on the outcomes you would like to see for this student: What would slightly increased reading skills do for them? What if it’s a momentous gain in reading skills, what would that do for them? 

Take a moment to list in your Workbook (p. 2), five by-products that could come from your student gaining reading and cognitive skills.

How could Fast ForWord impact these populations?

Struggling readers

Most struggling readers know they are behind. As a result, their confidence in their abilities is lowered and they actually start to believe they can’t read. Fast ForWord delivers just the right ratio of challenge-to-success to give them a sense of self-confidence in their foundational reading abilities, but with enough challenge to keep them engaged.

English Language Learners

Fast ForWord is ranked the top English language development program on What Works Clearinghouseâ„¢. Fast ForWord is uniquely designed to build listening, speaking and reading skills for beginning to advanced language learners. The program provides the English phonemic awareness training, intensive grammar and vocabulary practice, and oral speaking and reading reinforcement necessary to help build both basic and academic English proficiency.

Dyslexic students

Dyslexia is now recognized as a primarily auditory disorder, with weaknesses appearing specifically in phonological and auditory processing. Many reading intervention programs help learners compensate for these difficulties by working around the issues. Fast ForWord takes a different approach – it aims to “rewire” the brain for reading, targeting the issue directly, and starting with the brain’s most foundational abilities.

What Impact Can You Have?

In a word: LOTS. The Fast ForWord program alone is not magic; a dedicated teacher stands behind all successful students. 

What is Your Role in the Fast ForWord Program?

With your natural dedication to your students and your passion for education, the Fast ForWord program can thrive in your classroom or practice.