Fast ForWord Overview 2 of 5: The Difference

Unlike other interventions, Fast ForWord targets the root cause of reading struggles by simultaneously training cognitive skills and literacy skills.

How is Fast ForWord Different?

Fast ForWord stands out as the only reading intervention program that targets cognitive skills – like memory, attention, pro

cessing and sequencing (MAPS) – rather than other interventions that just depend on them. 

This explicit focus on cognitive skills like sustained attention and working memory means that Fast ForWord doesn’t just build better readers – it builds better learners. 

In the next activity, you’ll explore some of the features that make Fast ForWord one of the best cognitive and reading interventions out there. 

Explore the features of Fast ForWord 

Literacy & cognitive skills

The Fast ForWord program is an adaptive, personalized reading, language, and cognitive skills program that delivers 3-in-1 reading, cognitive, and social-emotional development to maximize student success. 

Focusing on the cognitive skills that all students need to be successful – memory, attention, processing, and sequencing – while also targeting key literacy skills – phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary, and comprehension – is how students can make remarkable reading gains of 1-2 years in 40-60 hours of use. 

Adaptive learning

Fast ForWord is based on the science of learning. Its adaptive, personalized learning paths empower each student to achieve their learning potential. Each student is placed in content based on the built-in placement and assessment tool, so that they feel motivated and challenged without it being too easy. 

As they work through the content, they are given immediate feedback with a satisfying “ding” that reinforces their skills. And if they miss too many answers in a row the program, adapts while still delivering content with the right ratio of success to challenge. 

Many people we work with tell us that Fast ForWord has helped their children, or students, feel more confident. As they move up in the program, they build self-confidence in their abilities and a healthy self-concept, which are important aspects of Social-Emotional Learning development.

Intervention for Specific Populations

In the teaching world, Fast ForWord has been proven to be effective for reading and language skill gains with emergent bilingual students, SPED and RTI populations, and students with dyslexia. In our work with individual children and adults, we have seen those with Auditory Processing, Attention difficulties, Autism, Dyslexia, Executive Functioning, and other learning difficulties gain improvements in their cognitive, reading and language skills. You can view more about our work with a variety of different people on our website, as well as different applicable research studies.

Remote Learning and Monitoring Capability

With reporting at the individual, classroom, school and district level, providers can easily monitor progress. The flexibility of Fast ForWord for use in remote learning means it’s well-suited for both remote learning and classroom implementation, giving educators the flexibility they need in fast-changing learning environments.

The Brain-Based Difference

Watch this short video below to learn a bit more about Fast ForWord. As you watch, pay attention to the different skills Fast ForWord targets. 

Please take the short quiz. Then, in the next lesson, you’ll explore the proof that Fast ForWord works.