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Cogmed working memory training

Cogmed working memory training: the key to improving intelligence?

July 18, 2022

Can Cogmed working memory training improve your intelligence? Research indicates it may help.

Working memory training makes you smarter?

Have you ever thought (or been told) that intelligence is something you have or you don’t? You’re either born smart or you aren’t?

Well, research indicates intelligence, specifically fluid intelligence, can be improved through training. Fluid intelligence is the ability to adapt to new situations and solve novel problems rather than just accumulating knowledge.

In 2008, psychologist Susanne Jaeggi conducted a ground-breaking research study; contrary to the long-held belief that one’s intelligence was fixed, Jaeggi’s research showed evidence that working memory training actually improved participants’ fluid intelligence.

Why this is a game changer

This is revolutionary research as fluid intelligence is considered one of the most important factors in learning. It is also closely related to educational and professional success, particularly in challenging learning and working environments.

With Jaeggi’s research implying that a person could increase their IQ by one full point per hour of training, it’s more important than ever for us all to understand working memory and how it impacts our performance at work and our children’s success in the classroom.

cogmed working memory training fluid intelligence

Cogmed Working Memory Training trains fluid intelligence

Cogmed is a Working Memory Training Program that assists with improvements in staying focused, ignoring distractions, remembering instructions, in complex reasoning and problem solving, as well as academic achievement.

The fun computer-based cognitive exercises are designed by neuroscientists to challenge your brain, with the exercises getting harder as your working memory and attention improve.

cogmed World builder reward game

Sonic Learning support you all the way

You’re not in this alone! When you enrol in Cogmed with Sonic Learning, your own qualified Cogmed coach will guide you through the program. Included in your package is 6 coaching calls across the course. 

Your coach will work with you to schedule these weekly or fortnightly depending on your chosen course length. After school/work appointments are available, and with almost 2 decades of experience with online programs, you’re in the right hands.

cogmed working memory training cogmed coach

Cogmed working memory training has been updated

Cogmed has been updated with more engaging gameplay and better graphics. The core technology is still the same- working memory training – but Cogmed is now even more fun to use.

New features of Cogmed working memory training include:

  • 2 versions of Cogmed: Now there are two training programs, Standard (which includes all training exercises) and Light (with a more limited selection of exercises for children or individuals with a cognitive impairment).
  • Choose Create or Focus theme: Choose between using a ‘Sim City’ style reward system with the Create theme, or 100% focus on training with the Focus theme.

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Cogmed working memory training

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