How to get children off to a good start

Three top tips for parents

Posted on 15 May 2012

Video interview (2 mins): Dr Martha Burns, Speech Pathologist and Neuroscientist, shares her top 3 tips for parents to optimise learning and language development.

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Is the rate of autism increasing?

Posted on 14 May 2012

Is the rate of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) actually increasing? Dr Martha Burns explains in this video interview.

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Ear infections: don’t let your child suffer in silence

Posted on 8 May 2012

At any one time it is estimated that 30% of Australian children are suffering from an ear infection and it is the most common...

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Why is the incidence of learning difficulties higher in boys?

Posted on 20 December 2011

When we asked neuroscientist and Speech Pathologist Dr Martha Burns this question, she told us all about the Geschwind-Galaburda hypothesis, which states that differences...

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Talk, talk, talk

Posted on 11 November 2011

One of the most powerful things you can do as a parent to promote your child’s language development is very simple – just talk,...