School holiday programs

Prevent learning regression these school holidays

Posted on 19 November 2018

The summer holidays are nearly here! After a long school year, kids need a break. But it’s also important that they stay healthy –...

auditory processing disorder APD CAPD how to spot symptoms

How to Spot Auditory Processing Disorder (APD/CAPD)

Posted on 12 November 2018

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD, also known as Central Auditory Processing Disorder or CAPD) is often hard to spot because the symptoms may be similar...

Dyslexia letter reversal writing difficulties

Writing backwards and reversing letters: does my child have Dyslexia?

Posted on 19 September 2018

Many children are referred for Dyslexia evaluation because they write some letters backwards (sometimes called “mirror writing”). Does writing backwards or reversing letters mean...

3 Step Reading Program Review – Grace, Western Australia

Posted on 30 July 2018

 Video interview Grace enrolled in our 12 month program to improve cognitive and reading skills. She has completed 7 months of training on...

Understanding your NAPLAN report

Understanding your child’s NAPLAN report (video)

Posted on 11 September 2017

Watch this video for 3 simple steps to understanding your child’s NAPLAN report. Step 1: stay calm! The NAPLAN test is just a small...

Mother and boy reading

Reading Aloud: Is It Important?

Posted on 26 July 2017

Reading aloud with expression is a foundational reading skill students should be developing between years 1 – 5. Why is this skill so difficult...

What to do about a bad school report

5 Tips for Dealing With a Poor School Report

Posted on 14 June 2017

Do you feel anxious at school report time? Here are some practical steps to deal with your child’s results and prevent future “report shock”.

NDIS speech pathology program therapy NDIS provider

Getting ready for your first NDIS planning meeting

Posted on 22 February 2017

With the NDIS rolling out to thousands of new participants during 2017, the question everyone is asking is: “how do I prepare for my...

Fast ForWord Review: 7 year old Sophia Improved Auditory Processing and Reading

Posted on 4 January 2017

“We’re thrilled with Sophia’s progress! After only 3 months of Fast ForWord training, she has made huge improvements in her learning, memory, concentration and...

auditory processing program

Fast ForWord review: 9 year old Asha improved her auditory processing, memory, reading and spelling

Posted on 19 September 2016

Asha’s Mum recently submitted a Fast ForWord program review explaining why she placed her daughter on the program and the results she achieved.